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29th May 2012


Help “Reckon with Torture”

A new film project has been launched by director Doug Liman (The Bourne IdentityMr. & Mrs. SmithJumperSwingers, and more) working with the ACLU and the PEN American Center “that examines the human cost of America’s post-9/11 torture program.” In it, prominent actors, writers, and performers together with ordinary readers document the torture apparatus that still hasn’t been dismantled. See: reckoningwithtorture.org.

World Can’t Wait encourages participation in this important project. Find out how to submit your own recording here. Be sure to let us know and send us a link to your submission too!

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16th May 2012


In Chicago this week?

Diplomats from 50 countries and the international press is gathering and we’re here too, after months of preparation. We’re finding it more important than ever to confront these war crimes and to bring more people into these protests. Below are ways in which we’re informing ourselves and others, and doing outreach to sections of the people that are from countries which are targeted by NATO, many of whom know what it’s like to be an immigrant or live through an illegitimate war. 

During the day we’re showing films at the protest convergence space & sending outreach teams around the city. Banners in multiple languages are already on the ground, being used to help with outreach to Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, and Farsi/Dari speakers as we go out to different neighborhoods and make sure that everyone knows about the NATO/OTAN protests. Click here for more info and get involved.

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8th May 2012


Monday May 14: Film Screening of 5 Days in Denver 7 pm in Chicago before NATO Summit →

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