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27th July 2012

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Oakland CA Obama Protest

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20th July 2012

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Wrong. Army Wrong. 

Wrong. Army Wrong. 

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Source: latifyahia.wordpress.com

12th July 2012

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As Americans increasingly turn away from news of war with feelings that range from hopeless to despair over their government’s murderous drone strikes, war crimes that are normalized and accepted basis for unwarranted invasions, The World Can’t Wait is like our voice crying in the wilderness - STOP! Debra Sweet’s steadfastness is an anchor of courage and conviction remembering us to care, to not let our friends and neighbors slip away from the struggle. Sustaining World Can’t Wait is supporting hope for why else would World Can’t Wait continue to expose the depravity of the military attacks and our debased national politics that assumes we all want more killing more war!
— Kathleen Barry, Author of Unmaking War, Remaking Men: How Empathy Can Reshape our Politics, Our Soldiers and Ourselves. 

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8th July 2012

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Apache helicopter targets farmers Wardak Province, Afghanistan, pilots sing Bye Bye Miss American Pie. 

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29th May 2012


June Appearances/Protests of War Criminals →

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26th May 2012


Weekend of Protests Around John Brennan & Drones at Fordham University →

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25th May 2012

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Making the victims of NATO/US drone wars visible outside Canadian Consulate before the NATO Summit.

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25th May 2012


Names of drone victims being read by NATO protesters days before NATO Summit. 

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22nd May 2012


Protesting NATO War Crimes in Chicago →

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21st May 2012

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Remembering the Victims: #NATOvictims

Libyan children killed by NATO bombs

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