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27th August 2012


WikiLeaks and Free Speech →

by Michael Moore and Oliver Stone 

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18th July 2012


Conference Call with Voices of Conscience Tomorrow

Join the World Can’t Wait 60 minute conversation

Thursday July 19
10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific

Hear from 2 activists we work closely with:

Kevin Gosztola, reporter forFireDogLake (The Dissenter blog), with updates from the July 16-19 hearings in the case of Bradley Manning, the accused Wikileaks whistleblower. Kevin has been attending all court hearings and has one of the most comprehensive overviews of how the case is unfolding. Kevin says: “Consider donating to support the heart of the anti-war movement. If you really oppose this war in Afghanistan, if you really want an end to permanent occupation in Iraq, send money to the people ensuring that there are regular protests throughout this nation.”

Nick Mottern, Director of kNOw Drones Tour will be on to talk about ways to bring the horrific reality of drone warfare to the largely ignorant American public. Nick says: ”I appreciate working with World Can’t Wait because it takes on torture, war crimes, the persecution of Bradley Manning, drones, stop and frisk by the New York City Police and other abuses of power in a very clear, aggressive way. It is a small organization that has a big impact because the World Can’t Wait people are highly responsive, imaginative and reliable in their commitment to each other and their allies.” 

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12th June 2012


We Can’t Be Silent: Ten Years of the War on Terror Needs to Stop

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6th June 2012

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EXCLUSIVE: Guantánamo Scandal: The 40 Prisoners Still Held But Cleared for Release At Least Five Years Ago →

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6th June 2012


Bradley Manning’s June Motion Hearing: Day 1 (Live Blog) →

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23rd April 2012

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Whistleblowers prosecuted while war criminals remain free…

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